What's New!

    As we pack for TNNA we want to make sure you know all the exciting new things we've made, just for you!

    We have a new yarn, Lucero, a DK version of Lunaris. It's 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Sparkling Stellina and 250 yards of super soft, sparkly goodness!

    Lucero in Dany

    Lucero in Dany

    Lucero is in a kit of one skein each of Seaside and Au Natural with a shawl pattern called Earthshine by Hilary Smith Callis and will be available at the Winter 2018 TNNA.

    Earthshine in Anzula Lucero, Seaside and Au Natural. Photo by Hilary Smith Callis

    Earthshine in Anzula Lucero, Seaside and Au Natural. Photo by Hilary Smith Callis

    You asked and we are delivering: Smaller skeins of Squishy!

    We now have Squishy available in 25 gram and 50 gram skeins.

    Squishy in Teal, 50 g, Squishy in Aqua, 25 g

    Squishy in Teal, 50 g, Squishy in Aqua, 25 g

    Squishy Skeinettes

    A 5 pack of 67 yard skeins in perfectly coordinating shades. Each pack has 335 yards. They are perfect for colorwork, socks, and in combination with your favorite full sized fingering weight skeins to make amazing shawls.

    Clockwise from top: Wuthering Hanks, Citizen Skein, Knitting in the Rain, Ocean's Anzula, Rebel Without a Stitch, Somewhere Over the Skeinbow, and Dr Strangeskein

    Clockwise from top: Wuthering Hanks, Citizen Skein, Knitting in the Rain, Ocean's Anzula, Rebel Without a Stitch, Somewhere Over the Skeinbow, and Dr Strangeskein

    We're pairing up with 4 other yarn companies (Lorna's Laces, Oink Pigments, Sweet Georgia, and Knit One Crochet Too) to do a mini yarn crawl at TNNA. Each of us will have a skeinette for you to pick up at TNNA along with a pattern for a gorgeous Shawl by Simone Kereit, of Owl Cat Designs. Start in rooms 509 & 510, we'll have a list of stops for you so you can collect them all!

    Sneak peek at Vegas Nights!

    Sneak peek at Vegas Nights!

    We have 4 new colors, Sophia, Endora, Blanche and Dany which you can order in all of our yarns. You can also get them in a new Squishy Skeinette pack, called Knit at Night. We added a skein of Au Natural because we love how it makes the other colors pop. 

    Squishy Skeinettes in Au Natural, Sophia, Endora, Blanche, and Dany

    Squishy Skeinettes in Au Natural, Sophia, Endora, Blanche, and Dany

    We have kits for Local Yarn Store Day on April 21st! They will include:

    • Stitch markers from Stitch Sprouts
    • Shawl pins from Lickin' Flames
    • A Shawl pattern by Heather Zoppetti, Mirtillo
    • And 5 skeinettes from us, in Charcoal, Aqua, Lottie, Gravity and our exclusive speckled colorway for Local Yarn Store Day, Nessie
    LYS Day Kit 2018

    We have also paired up with Slipped Stitch Studios to create a Mr Rogers themed Trolly colorway to pair with her Mr. Rogers project bags. Their Sock+ Bags are my favorite because they don't choke my wrist when I am knitting about the town.

    Slipped Stitch Studio Anzula Trolly

    And last but not least, we have a brand new yarn that we are debuting at TNNA. She doesn't even have a name yet. A DK yak and merino, in 50 gram skeins, 98 yards. Because the yak is a dark rich brown and the merino is cream, the yarn takes the colors super deeply and saturated, I just love it!

    Yak & Merino in Chiva

    Yak & Merino in Chiva

    Here's Cricket in Chiva for comparison. They're so different, and both so beautiful!

    cricket chiva anzula

    We can't wait to see you at TNNA in Las Vegas! We'll be in rooms 509 & 510. Cash and carry will be available. You can also see samples in every one of our yarns in every colorway. 

    Meet the Yarn: Cloud

    Jill Wolcott

    80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon
    +/- 575 yd / 525 m
    8.5-9 sts / in US #1

    Cloud in Nimbus.

    I have chosen Cloud to redo three projects in my pattern catalog.  Things change, and although I loved the original yarn, it is time to re-make them in something that lots of people use and/or want to use.  My samples are in Black Cherry and Blush. 


    Cloud is another example of an Anzula yarn where a small percentage of cashmere makes a huge difference.  This lovely heavy lace weight sells for about $34-36 skein.  The yardage is good at 575 yards (525m).  It is a simple 2-ply of 80% super wash Merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon in the unique tonal coloration we know and love in Anzula Luxury Fibers.  Cloud almost reminds me of a Suri alpaca.  It has a halo, but not a hard-to frog one (trust me, I always do some ripping!).  Want to know more about Cashmere?  Check out this blog where I took a look at Cricket.  This is a yarn that looks different after a wet blocking! 

    I did my first swatch on US size 3(3.25mm) needles, thinking of it in terms of making a garment, and it does a nice garter and stockinette, a lovely seed stitch, and a slightly loose rib.  I then swatched in in a seed stitch, purl cable, and 3x3 rib for Snow Farm.  I love Snow Farm and its sister pattern Roundhill for their slightly girly look, in fairly tailored yarn and stitch patterns.  The texture shines in this smooth yarn with the tiniest halo to it.  I also worked it up in Remarkables.  This tiered shawlette is a favorite for mine.  Again, a somewhat flamboyant piece that remains slightly tailored in Cloud.  This is a look I really like. 


    I’ve been thinking about Cloud for a while, and I’ve been looking at projects on Ravelry (1543) as well as the stashes (1919).  Cloud has been used to make everything from complex lace to rib socks.  From baby hats to color work.  It has been made into garments, hand accessories, and lots of shawls.  There are quilts of many colors, stranded color work, cables, stockinette, lots of laces and eyelets, garter stitch, brioche.  There are many familiar patterns, and others I’m glad I took the time to look at.  Lots of Perfect Fit Socks.  I loved this pair with red toes and heels.  There was double knitting, and I loved this pullover.  There are also lots and lots of Pioneer Cuffs, and this project for a man’s sweater.  One of my other favorite garments is this. There are adorable baby sweaters.  I saw a few of A Hint of Summer, but I loved this one in particular.  A few knitters have mentioned that the yarn can be a little slippery.

    I wanted to challenge myself by making a man’s scarf in two colors with the leftovers of Blush & Black Cherry .  It is hard for me to design masculine; I’ve been observing what scarves men are wearing when I’m out walking.  I’m using a very simple stitch pattern, and I’m working on size US size 2 (2.75mm) using two longer Brittany dpns because I’m looking for some efficiency. 

    My unblocked gauge numbers in this stitch pattern are  31 stitches and 46 rows to 4” OR 7.75 sts and 11.5 rows to 1”.  After wet and steam blocking in my stitch pattern the gauge changes to 45 stitches and 43 rows to 4” OR 11.25 sts and 10.75 rows to 1”.  Take a look at my blog on January 17 for the final outcome and the pattern. 

    Let’s take a look at my gauge numbers from my exploration swatches to help you plan your Cloud projects!  I used a US size 3(3.25mm)

    I like to know where I’m going to end up, which can be quite different from what I see when I’m knitting. isn’t always what the end result will be.  Remember this to help you when choosing stitch patterns:

    • More stitches per inch when blocked = narrower piece [garter, seed, 1x1 rib above]
    • Fewer stitches per inch when blocked = wider piece
    • More rows per inch when blocked = shorter piece [1x1 rib above]
    • Fewer rows per inch when blocked = longer piece [garter, seed above]
    • There was no change in the gauge in Stockinette, although my Stockinette always looks smoother and more even after blocking.

    Keep up on all things Jill Wolcott:
    Contact: jill@jillwolcottknits.com
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    Twitter: @jillwolcottknit
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    Pattern Spotlight: Swirled by Lisa K. Ross

    I first encountered Anzula Gerty last summer while attending the TNNA summer trade show. I was so excited to see that one of my favorite dyers now carried this rustic, natural wool yarn. I knew it would be perfect for stranded colorwork and started playing around with color combos. Pink is a favorite color of mine and, with four boys at home, not one I get to use very often. Taffy is a bright and happy shade of pink that easily pops when paired with the darker Charcoal colorway.

    Paper Daisy Creations Swirled Peace Lisa Ross Anzula Gerty

    I had a lot of fun playing around with Gerty and trying out a variety of colorwork stitch patterns to create a hat. In the end, I created an original colorwork swirl that is easy to work with terrific graphic appeal. Through trial and error I came up with charted crown decreases that both feature the swirled motif and make the hat look exciting from every angle. Swirled Peace is as much fun to knit as it is to wear.

    Paper Daisy Creations Lisa Ross Anzula Gerty Swirled Traveler Peace

    After finishing the hat, I knew it wasn’t enough. I wanted an additional design that would complete the look. A cowl was just the thing! Creating a cowl filled with swirls would be a bit much, especially if worn at the same time as the hat. Cowls squish down when worn, which would cover up all the beautiful two-color knitting. What if I worked just the border in colorwork? With the colors inversed from that of the hat? Thus, Swirled Traveler was created. The colorwork border is knit first and is later folded and seamed. This creates a thick fabric with inversed color swirls on each side that holds itself up when worn to show off the design. The body of the cowl is swirled with diagonal ribbing in a single color. This creates a wonderfully warm and squishy texture, perfect as a backdrop to let the swirls shine.

    Paper Daisy Creations Lisa Ross Anzula Gerty Swirled Traveler Peace

    All of my designs are on sale for 50% off with code MERRYCHRISTMAS through December 23, 2017 (11:59EST), so hop over to Ravelry to grab your new designs and cast-on!

    P.S. If you’re looking for socks to knit, my Emerald City socks feature the luxurious Anzula Squishy and are included in the pattern sale. Happy knitting to you all!

    Emerald City Lisa Ross Paper Daisy Creations Anzula Squishy